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Hello Oxygen Community,

this is newsletter #15 from Oxystuff! Enjoy it!

Oxystuff have reached 1325 listed items! 😃 Thats 36 more items, compared to the last newsletter!

Oxystuff Exclusive

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This plugin is an amazing tool for all freelancers, agencies and people who run multiple websites for clients.

Use a custom made welcome screen to give onboardings to your clients, make upsells, serve an easy way to contact you, or share your latest news and blog posts with them.

Build a whole welcome site which replaces the Wordpress original welcome site OR build custom widgets for the Wordpress Welcome screen. Unlimited possibilities!
Custom build it with Oxygen Builder or any other page builder you want.

Get it here: https://dashboardswitcher.com/
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Oxygen Highlights

Some highlights from the last few weeks:

1. Dplugins published a new plugin: Collaboration, which makes it possible to sync/work with multiple tabs and users. (Worth a look)
2. WooFunnels introduced deep Integration for Oxygen Builder! (more informations)
3. SimpleOxy will publish a new Wireframe Kit / Design Set for Oxygen. It will be an organized and well-structured kit, that uses the BEM pattern and REM units. Designed as a Wireframe to create anything you want. (check it out)
4. Oxymade and its Framework is getting better and better. Anvesh just released a new update. (have a look)
5. Williams Bonnel published a nice cheat sheet for OxyNinja. (download it here)
6. David from OxyNinja just published 10 new blocks for the Core Design Set and announced to update the plugin, an interactive cheat sheet and WooCore updates for the upcoming days. (check out the new block)

Tutorial Highlights

Some highlights from the last few weeks:

1. Sridhar published a small tutorial on how to enable a system font stack in Oxygen (link).
2. For all Oxygen Beginners: check out this tutorial about responsive design with Oxygen. (link)
3. A fantastic tutorial about class-based Custom Overlays in Oxygen by Digital Ambition (link)
4. Permaslug published another step-by-step tutorial. This time: How to Build a Local Directory Membership Site in Oxygen Builder (link)
5. Design with Cracka published a great tutorial about how to setup a boilerplate with Utility Classes. (link)
6. A nice tutorial by Supadezign on how to create justified galleries. (link)
7. Last but not least. Matthias Altmann published another snippet with which you are able to implement GDPR compliant YouTube videos on your Oxygen website. (link)

Find more tutorials on oxystuff.com

Oxygen News


Oxygen 3.8.1 includes a few minor tweaks and fixes for a couple of rare bugs that sometimes occurred on sites running Oxygen 3.8.

You can learn more in the release blog post at https://oxygenbuilder.com/.../oxygen-3-8-1-release.../

Community news, gossip and rumors

1. The membership price for WpDevDesign will increase. Sridhar announced in his Facebook group that the price will change from $399 to $499. (link)
2. "Local" a great plugin for developing your Wordpress site locally has changed their pricing. All pro features are now available for free. (link)

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